At Karting Texel you experience the real thrill of Formula 1! The outdoor circuit has no too-tight turns, which could slow you down, and like-real–it’s racing outdoors.

The track offers 10 distinct corners, a few: a left hairpin, a straight stretch of more than 100 meters and 70 meters, a  combined faint-left, another left and a right bend of 90 meters. This one can be taken full throttle. Classification: A super fast circuit!


Wearing a helmet is required at our circuit. We offer free use of a helmet at Karting Texel. Next to that you will see a instruction video aimed at safe use of the karts.


Lap times are displayed to the thousandth of a second. Spectators can track the race and positions via the display screen in the canteen. After the heat you will receive a printout with the results.


Challenging turns, high speeds, a long stretch and the smell of burning rubber! We are: The Biggest Thrill on Texel!


Karting Texel offers  the Sodi RT8.

Security is no. 1 at our track, that’s why our karts meet all NEN regulations, of course.

Sodi RT8

Blaze in one of our Sodi RT8 race karts. You can reach speeds up to 80 km/hr with these.


Hydraulic brakes
Adjustable pedals
Honda GX 390cc engine
9 HP


For a safe racing experience at our track.


While racing, please keep a close eye on your fellow racers and try not to push each other off the track, and don’t cut someones line in a corner. When this happens, you’ll get an official warning from our track officials. These actions bring danger to others, and this is not allowed. Therefore, Swinging or zigzagging is also prohibited.

We also hold up some unwritten rules of good sportsmanship. Thus, when entering a turn, the driver on the inside has right of way. The one in the lead can determine any line to follow, the following drivers need to adjust theirs.

Correct sitting position

Despite being a motorized sport, it is vitally important to have a proper sitting position while racing at high speeds. Bend your knees and arms slightly, ensure a good size fit (rather snug than too loose), and above all relax. Keep your hands at ‘ten to two’. Don’t move your knees too much inward, to give full freedom of movement to the arms.

Overtaking and being overtaken

Being overtaken is a normal thing. Specially in your first race. It is important to stay close, after, to regain the previous, and next a better position. After you found a good position, it is important you relax your driving style.

Wet track

A rain shower is hard to predict, specially in the Netherlands. Driving a wet track is a complete different experience from driving a dry track. Speed becomes less important. You tend to slip faster in bends and skills become increasingly important: Counter-steering with throttle applied, completing a bend without spinning.

Tip #1

Look ahead! When racing the track, always look far-up ahead from where you are. Estimating a fast corner and planning your next attack depends on it.

Tip #2

The ideal line, from start to finish, is the one that flows best. Following this method, you can keep your kart at the highest speed possible. By going full throttle all the time, you’ll never be able to break the track record.

Own kart

If you’re a kart owner , and want to use our track to race on, you’ll find a happy home at MAB Club Texel. Through this Texel-based racing association you can also purchase pro-karts. These karts boast two 160cc engines, each with 5,5 horsepower. Owning a pro-kart comes with many advantages! The maintenance for these karts is easy and above all affordable. Want to know more about owning a kart and racing our track? Visit the MAB Club Texel website.